Practicing environmental stewardship

Sustainable design, also known as ‘green’ or ‘high-performance’ building is the practice of creating healthier and more resource-efficient models of construction, renovation, operation, maintenance, and demolition.  A building is considered “green” if it takes into consideration site factors, energy and water efficiency, building materials used, waste management, and the quality of the indoor environment.

LEED certification achieves increased performance and efficiency in many aspects of the building design and construction by following a prescribed system of credits put in place by the by the United States Green Building Council.  The Boudreaux Group is an expert at guiding this process.

The Boudreaux Group is committed to our environment through the incorporation of LEED and sustainable design principles. Starting with the design of Green Quad for the University of South Carolina, a nationally recognized, award-winning, Silver LEED certified residence hall, The Boudreaux Group has embraced an environmentally sensitive design ethic.  From building orientation to the selection of materials and systems, we will work to ensure that your facilities minimize their impact on the environment, reduce operating costs and enhance user comfort while being protective of the construction budget. Whether or not a project is pursuing LEED certification, we will bring you creative and insightful ways to incorporate sustainable design strategies within your construction budget. 

We take great strides to maintain our position on the forefront of sustainable design in the region. To explore sustainable design opportunities with you, our team brings you not only the expertise of LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) Accredited Professionals, but also project team members who have earned their specialty LEED certification credentials from the Green Building Certification Institute. This specialty certification requires more rigor to achieve, including recent participation in green building projects and a current knowledge and understanding of green design products and processes.

Additionally, we don't just encourage our clients to be stewards of the environment; we also practice environmental stewardship in our own design studio. We have an in-house recycling program and we are part of the City of Columbia’s Climate Protection Action Campaign.

  • Sustainability SC Bar Conference Center - Silver LEED certified
  • Sustainability Green Quad Residence Hall - Silver LEED certified
  • Sustainability USC Spigner House - Silver LEED Commercial Interiors
  • Sustainability USC School of Law - Silver LEED certification goal
  • Sustainability USC School of Journalism & Mass Comm - Silver LEED certification goal