Supreme Court & Calhoun Building Study

State of South Carolina, Columbia, SC

  • Supreme Court & Calhoun Building Study

Through an Indefinite Delivery Contract with the State, The Boudreaux Group was selected to comprehensively evaluate and report on the condition of the South Carolina Supreme Court Building and the Calhoun Building, which houses various judicial services and staff. This report consequently began a first phase implementation of some recommendations.

In preparation for the much needed renovations, all interior spaces, finishes and furnishings, mechanical and electrical systems, and exterior building conditions were carefully assessed. Working closely with the client to make sure their primary concerns were addressed, The Boudreaux Group first carefully developed an evaluation of the existing conditions for each room in both facilities, and then recommended the necessary measures needed to bring the buildings back up to appropriate codes and comfort.

With respect to the historic integrity of both structures, the exterior assessment addressed waterproofing concerns, window conditions, entrance canopies, handicap ramp entrances and general accessibility. The various reports, including probable construction costs, were organized in such a way that the owner can easily reference the information to set the project budget, prioritize and consider phasing implications in anticipation of the actual renovations. Under The Boudreaux Group’s leadership, waterproofing repairs to the Calhoun Building were completed and included a new roof and repair to upper level masonry.